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National Wattle Day

1st September


Welcome to Maria Hitchcock's Wattle Day website

Wear a spray of Wattle

and your allegiance pay

To the emblem of your country

For this is Wattle Day

Sydney Morning Herald 1916

Please join hundreds of Australians this year and celebrate National Wattle Day!

Wear a sprig of wattle in your hair, on your hat, on your lapel or fly a branch from your car!

National Wattle Day is celebrated throughout Australia on the 1st September each year.

The day was originally conceived as a day to demonstrate patriotism for the new nation of Australia by wearing a sprig of wattle.
The day now has wider significance as a day to celebrate our natural environment, our flora,
our rainforests and bushland, our coastal heathlands and desert dunes.

The sprig of wattle should encourage us to preserve our fragile environment,
so that future generations will experience the joy of seeing our bushland light up each spring with golden bloom.

National Wattle Day gives us a chance to demonstrate our collective pride in all things Australian.
For many years now our athletes have worn green and gold, our national colours inspired by the Wattle.

Maria Hitchcock portrait 2012

Maria Hitchcock, known as The Wattle Lady, is responsible for gazettal of Acacia pycnantha as Australia's National Floral Emblem and gazettal of National Wattle Day on 1st September each year. She is the author of 'Wattle' (AGPS, 1991), 'Correas' (Rosenberg 2010), 'A Celebration of Wattle' (Rosenberg 2012) and is a Life Member of the Australian Plants Society.

Maria is a retired High School teacher who lives in Amidale, NSW. She holds a Masters with Honours degree in Aboriginal Studies and a BA with a major in Botany. Maria is a passionate supporter of Wattle Day and hopes to see the day receive the widespread recognition it deserves.

Wattle Book Cover

Wattle is the best known and most loved of all our native flora. This book is a revised edition of 'Wattle' (AGPS 1991). lt expands on that earlier book. New features include Wattle Day memories and a wealth of suggestions for schools and the community to help them celebrate future Wattle Days. There are additional poems in the anthology and special sections have been inserted outlining a brief history of the Wattle Day Asociation. the amazing story of the Hiroshima connection. an explanation of the botanical battle for Australia's retention of the name Acacia and a detailed summary of the debate about wattle and allergies. Beautifully illustrated throughout with almost 20O photogaphs and watercolours of wattles as well as many archival photos.

304 pages     240 x 180 mm     250 colour plates
Paperback RRP $29.95 Available from the author and select bookshops.

Contact: maria@wattleday.com

Image of Acacia pycnantha from Australian National Botanic Gardens www.anbg.gov.au